Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ravenglass 2017 - 17 Pot washing

Due to being a rather busy, Kurt and Sandra have only just got round to doing a bit of pot washing for the Ravenglass dig of 2017!

 Dirty finds!

Washing finds with a toothbrush

 Laid out to dry in trays - each tray contains finds from an individual context

He's found (and washed) a sherd of Samian ...

It's a base sherd of Samian with rilling as decoration ...
And the other side shows a foot ring.  The sherd is from either a bowl or shallow dish
So far, as well as Samian (2nd century), there's probable Muncaster Ware (typically friable when being washed), storage jar/amphora and fragments of Roman brick and tile. There's also some post medieval sherds, possibly from Staffordshire.
We'll need to wait until the pottery is dry, then we can mark it, count the number of sherds per context, bag it up, then weigh it by context. After that we will then ask a pottery expert to quote a price for writing up a report for us!   Sandra will do the brick and tile report.  Any small finds (eg. metals, glass, etc.) will need to be assessed to see if they need conservation and/or a specialist to look at them.

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