Thursday, 20 September 2018

Day Two - Excavations at Muncaster Castle 2018

Bryan excavating the rubble layer alongside the culvert in Trench 1
Good progress was made in both trenches. In Trench 1, the culvert was found, complete with large cap stones. To one side, a layer of large stones appeared to fill a large mysterious cut. In Trench 2, a similar layer of stones was found, suggesting that the cut extends into that area and is quite large. So far, the finds suggest that the cut was filled in in the 18th or 19th centuries. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow what this feature is, weather permitting!

Leo and Rowan in Trench 2, with one of the massive stones in the fill visible in the foreground

Day One - Excavations at Muncaster Castle, 2018

 The excavation, with a fine view of Muncaster Castle
This year we are at Muncaster Castle, investigating the grounds just in case the Romans were here too.  Kurt and Bryan are back again, plus it's great to see Rowan return! 

After meeting up with the volunteers, we opened up two trenches: Trench 1 was laid out across a stone-lined culvert that had been located recently. Trench 2 was laid out to investigate an area of rubble nearby. We had managed to remove the topsoil in both trenches, despite occasional rainy spells.