Wednesday, 11 September 2019

A new season - in the Boat House Field

 Opening up Trench 1, with the River Esk (right) and the platform of the Roman fort (right background).  volunteers Alan and Len (unfortunately with backs to camera) are in the foreground.

This year, after being up at Muncaster Castle, the team is back closer to the fort. With a team coming from York, there are also two diggers from Lancaster, as well as local volunteers.

The first trenches have been opened on the Boat House Field. Trench 1 was intended to find a ditch under the topsoil, but the topsoil was surprisingly thick, so we have decided to excavate both ends of the trench to find at what depth the Roman levels (if any) lie. Other, smaller test pits are being opened up to identify the extent of Romal deposits across the field.

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